A work in progress... but it may as well be live along the way

... and all the men and women merely players.

little did this child know how the world of wisdom preceding this moment contains everything he'd ever need to know... and promptly it should all be forgotten...

I was late to discover my relationship to dramatic writing. It wasn't even a method of writing i would have considered because I've often struggled with my relationship to social communication. However, once i noticed how often my prose simply became huge swaths of dialogue, and how, after years of living as a shy observer of social situations, my ability to capture voice, inflection and tone of various characters distinctly was almost of second nature, I began looking more seriously into the craft. And, after realizing how stage writing also brought in the kinetic and physical, other love of dancing got thrown into the mix, I realized that writing for stage, a sort of social choreography, was my best form.

Rainbow Logic: Arm in Arm with Remy Charlip

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Out of Site is coming!

Renaissance, Fair

performed by Petaluma Readers Theatre, Mysteries and Miracles.

out of time

in the box &


submitted as the final project for MA Humanities, this “play in three pieces” explores the journey of a contemporary gay man as he grapples with the shackles of his own homophobic assumptions, crosses the bridge of self- acceptance, and stands within a reality that demands far more than simple equality. The play begins when Josh Wells, under the influence of two “out of time” queer spirit guides, accidentally outs his baseball-playing husband to a major league owner during a first class airplane flight. Josh’s journey continues when he finds himself “in the box” of a small group of professional player’s wives. After a few exchanges of less-than-proper language, Josh finds a revitalized sense of self “afterword” when, and where, a meeting at a local coffee shop opens up far more layers of reality than one might originally believe. Together, these three scenes grasp at the shifting landscape of American society and its struggle to find the right words for an unfamiliar conversation.

The Boxers a one-act play exploring the dynamics of language, communication and boundaries between two young lovers. Published in Not Just Another Pretty Face, spring 2016.

The Other Sidea one-act play exploring life, death and a very famous joke as three women reflect on the tragic death of a loved one. Finalist in Benchwarmers play festival, 2016.

Petey's Vegan Diet a one-act play exploring dates, vegetarianism and modern love for three chihuahuas at the local dog park.