A work in progress... but it may as well be live along the way

written work

prose, reviews, marketing, criticism

Creative nonfiction

The Left After A memoir of sobriety, the opioid epidemic and doing things differently, in Bluestem Magazine, May 2018.

Falling in Love with the Universe Magic and spirituality in Black Rock City, NV, from the AA Grapevine. Full audio (not my voice) here.

Talking about Talking about Originally published in the now defunct Babbling Creek Review.

travel link to a collection of emails written during my travels through Guatemala.
The Long Side of the Tracks An young piece of travel writing in Tuxedo Lit that kicks a few punchy insights.

Marketing and PR

Redwood Barbershop Clean and vibrant copy for an updated, speciality barbershop in Marin.

Rainbow Logic and Out of Site Succinct marketing copy, PR releases and tending to the blogs of these dramatic queer ancestry performance art projects cleverly mashing-up the queer histories of San Francisco, across time and place, within an interactive walking tour through North Beach.

Children's Literature

Eddie the Nomadic Lemming "A little lemming woke up lost." Should he really find the group? A children's book for adults


Cigar City Stories A review of Cigar City Stories by Emilio Gonzalez-Llanes. 

Watching Postmodernism Watch Itself: TV on TV on The Simpsons on TV
an academic work written at Dominican University for the West Coast Graduate Liberal Studies Symposium


Drama More information about my dramatic writing. Also check out Rainbow Logic andOut of Site.


One other very punchy, award-winning piece exists, anonymously, somewhere online... I'm still a bit shy.