"I thrive in the estuarial space of a story or project, where the specifics of your stream find invigoration in their approach to the larger cultural system of your design. I embrace creative freedoms, but demand a pragmatic sense to keep the logic of your universe in line."

During the early stages of story development, I realize there is a tremendous balance between the creative process and how it will begin to manifest into a final product. I want to understand your "system", and from there I will help determine what questions you need to be asking, what creative postulates you need to establish, in order to contain your story within the purpose of its own creation. 

Let's chat and allow me a chance to percolate your story from a more objective view.

creative process: i love working within a concept and building a world around it. what are the rules? what are the customs? with my background as an educator, and my experience in graduate-level research, i offer a clear point of reflection for your ideas. i honor your work as an extension of what matters to you. I want to understand your philosophical perspectives. I want your creative explorations to serve their purpose to the world, as entertainment, education and empowerment. There are many layers to consider within the development process and the forthcoming product. Let's play!

edit: read your work. offer my view of the structure and integrity of the piece as a whole. nudge you into the unspoken rules determined by the action of the piece and help you clarify its value.

ghost write: tell me a story. maybe it is fiction. maybe it is drama. maybe it is an idea for a business. Let's chat and allow me the chance to organize your thoughts and distill the essence.

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