from people i've helped

"Edward's talent for editing and revision has helped me find the power in my words by tightening my prose and adding clarity to my writing."

Kevin E

A work in progress... but it may as well be live along the way

I have worked with jim Metzger on numerous occasions for website and advertising media. He has a way with writing that Has helped me put together a wonderful bio for my website that I didn't think possible. He has an incredible way of organizing my thoughts and ideas and having them make sense and keep the public interested in my ramblings. Jim has also taken my professional resume and with a wave of his writing wand turned my resume into solid gold. I thank him for his help because that resume has gotten me much work and it is due to the attention to detail and organization that he created. I am a working artist and am very well rounded in my career but often find my self stubbing over words and and thoughts. Jim is the guy that will help you untangle your ideas and untie the knots so you will have a free flowing river of professionalism. I hope this review helps because I can't thank him enough for all the thoughtfulness and care he has put into my work. Ask about his button making as well, I am in need of another order because my clients are so addicted to his quirky aesthetically pleasing buttons I can't keep them in stock. As a token of appreciation I give all my clients one of jim metzger buttons that help me with branding and act as a fun marketing tool. Thanks jim! 

​Seth A.